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RealFlex 6 SCADA System by RealFlex Technologies Ltd

RealFlex 6 is a true real-time SCADA server, which runs on a PC with QNX 6 Neutrino operating system. It manages real-time, historical, alarms, events, displays and users databases. The system gets data from RTU's, PLC or other devices using I/O drivers and automatic sequencing and control can be done using Command Sequence Language (CSL) running on the server.

RealFlex 6 can be configured as a standalone or as a true hot standby configuration providing redundancy in the case of hardware failure or simply to allow regular maintenance on the PC's, while maintaining full operation of the SCADA system.

Realflex 6 acts as a server for all the FlexView HMI clients, which run in the Microsoft windows environment. This provides an excellent balance between the speed, stability and security of the server in the QNX environment, and the easy of use of the FlexView HMI in the Microsoft Windows environment, the best of both worlds.

All communications between server and client is done with a secure protocol over TCP/IP, which allows for great flexibility in configurations.

Features Benefits
  • True real-time SCADA software package for monitoring and control
  • Hot Standby configuration
  • High Performance, efficient design suitable for large databases.
  • Millisecond Timestamp Support
  • Real-time Data Processors
  • Historical Database
  • Alarms and Event Processors
  • Calculation Processor
  • Control Capability
  • CSL - Command Sequence Language
  • FlexView HMI Supports optional FlexWin clients
  • Extensive range of standard protocols supported e.g. DNP 3, IEC870 and Modbus
  • Large configurable alarm and event buffers
  • Configuration interface through FlexView Consoles
  • Unlimited or restricted number of FlexView Clients
  • Automatic migration from legacy RealFlex 4 system
  • Migration Kit for RealFlex 4 drivers
  • Server API for QNX applications which interact with FlexView Consoles
  • Custom Development Kit for Driver and application development
  • Achieve Speed, Stability and Security using real-time platform.
  • Hot Standby provides redundancy to allow processing to continue during failure or maintenance.
  • Control and monitoring can continue with the minimum of interruption due to fast switchover.
  • FlexWin clients on Microsoft® Windows™ (NT,2000 or XP) provides Operator Interface, SQL database, Web Page support, OPC Server and Client.
  • This provides the "Best of both worlds" giving access to huge number of applications and the ease of use of the HMI on the Microsoft Windows platforms.
  • Standard protocol support provides support for a huge range of RTU's, PLC's and other devices to be connected to the SCADA system.
  • Capture sequence of events using millisecond time stamping on data.
  • Create your own applications, which can be run from CSL and have displays, menus, message boxes, etc. open on some or all of the FlexView HMI's or have reports printed based on specific alarm conditions.
  • Convert custom developed RealFlex 4 drivers for use on RealFlex 6, with the minimum of effort using the Migration kit.

DATAC is a licensed reseller and system integrator for RealFlex Technologies Ltd.

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