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RealWin SCADA System by RealFlex Technologies Ltd

RealWin is a SCADA server product which includes a FlexView HMI and runs on current Microsoft Windows platforms (2000 and XP). It can operate on a single PC or multiple PCs connected through a TCP/IP network. It reads and maintains data returned from field devices using drivers, stores data for historical access, runs Command Sequence Language (CSL) scripts and generates alarms as defined in the system.


  • Runs on Microsoft Windows platform
  • Up to 63 FlexWin Clients can be connected simultaneously
  • Up to 63 Scanners can be connected.
  • Scanners can run on separate PC's to RealWin
  • Up to 16384 Analog Tags, 16384 Status Tags, 16384 Meter Tags and 16384 PCU's
  • Real-time Data and Alarm Processing
  • Database Types - Status, Analog and Meters
  • Control Processing
  • Control and Information Tagging
  • Manual Overwrite
  • Command Sequence Language
  • Superkey
  • Historical Data Storage
  • Password Protection
  • FlexWin clients can run on same PC and from any PC on a TCP/IP network

DATAC is a licensed reseller and system integrator for RealFlex Technologies Ltd.

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